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Season 1 Launch!
OneLargeSprite Admin Member
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5 months ago

Season 1 (Launch)

▶️ What should I expect?

You are in for an experience like no other, with custom plugins handcrafted to fit your needs, the possibilities of gameplay are now endless. With thousands of hours of content for each player to not only explore, we also offer the ability to create and enjoy content together. Our friendly community can not only guarantee you the best quality servers, but guarantee you will make long time friends along the way. Each season will increasingly progress with more dungeons, monsters, and EPIC weapons for you to show off or even sell to others on the AUCTION HOUSE, the choice is yours.

▶️ Current Content?

As you first join in, you are greeted by many opportunities! For the PVE connoisseurs we have a handcrafted dungeon experience where you can fight mobs and obtain LEGENDARY cosmetics and shard that will give you access to better gear. However, that's not to say we forgot about the PVP warlords of Minecraft, at spawn you can opt into the Warzone area, every two hours there is a supply drop, in which you will have to fight in order to obtain the epic loot inside!

▶️ Player to Player Interaction?

We know you may be thinking, "what about the experience with my friends?!?!?" DO NOT FRET! we offer not only the AUCTION HOUSE to sell with other players, we also offer a unique land protection system where you are able to invite your friends to play on your land with you in the normal survival world! As we all know that each vote for the server helps our team grow the community even further, votes now not only have a reward to them, it has DOUBLE the reward! But what does that mean? After so many votes throughout the day, there is a chance for a voter party to start, each player will obtain epic items and loot from this party, enhancing their gameplay! That does not include that each vote will give you a key to unlock a special voter's crate, which contains even more epic loot! Player shops are a necessity in every survival server, so we will do you one better! Not only can you have player shops, you can advertise them in the HUB! Any player can teleport to your shop, allowing ease of access for both ends!

▶️ Custom Ranks?

You not only have the ability to obtain the ranks in game through just playing our server! We also offer a paid way to obtain those ranks, we know that sometimes life gets in the way and you want to be on the same level as your friends. HOWEVER! This is NOT "pay to win" if you want to play the dungeons, and get stronger, that requires grinding it out by hand, we will never offer a way for you to skip that part.

▶️What are Seasons?

With each and every update the server pushes out, not including bug fixes, it will be the start of a new Season, server updates will be launched in bulk, granting you access to new content that will be tailored to our players wants and needs!

▶️ Other Content?

We do not want to spoil too much, much is left up to the player for them to explore! So what are you waiting for? Join today!